V's of Big Data

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V's of Big Data

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In the world of Big Data, if you are entering for the very first time then definitely you'll come across the five V's named Variety, value, volume, velocity, and veracity of Big Data.

What are they? Why are they important to understand or to start with? Do we skip these V's to learn Big Data? Are they really important? ... These were the questions when I started learning Big Data but Let me tell you that every small thing in this topic will lead you to understand Big Data more clearly.

  1. Variety - This means the diversity or range of data that we are getting as structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.

  2. Value - It refers to the important insight or meaning that we are generating from the data for better understanding and effective operations.

  3. Volume - It means the amount of data that we are fetching, managing and analyzing at a particular time interval.

  4. Velocity - This is an important V in Big Data because when we are dealing with huge and complex data then receiving it from different sources takes a certain amount of time, so, lesser time means better velocity.

  5. Veracity - It refers to uncertainty in data because sometimes the data we got are messy and becomes very difficult to control its accuracy and quality.

Apart from these five V's of Big Data, there are few others V's you can encounter on Internet but they aren't important V's to consider, you can neglect them or if have ineterest then go for it.

But as per my working experience I can say that above 5 V's are important to keep in mind to get started with Big Data.

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